Shipping Against Overseas
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Shipping Against Overseas

FAST EXPRESS, Abroad Shipping costs in your counterparty cargos especially when you have sold or if you have to make shipping due to the necessity of shipping costs can be annoying, in this case you can send your overseas cargos against payment, transport and all the expenses you can provide your recipient meets, all the payment on the world With our payment service that is compatible with our systems, we are able to receive payments from all countries easily.

Overseas Our counter payment service should be evaluated at the door with the exception of collection and after receiving a payment and then the service is provided. After receiving the necessary information for your international cargo shipment, your buyer is charged with a credit card and then the documentation for the exit operation is performed.

For more detailed information about our counter payment system, please contact us at 0090 2125414410 or 0090 2324251202.

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