New Regulation on Micro Export Package Issues Information

29-08-2019 09:58'de Oluşturuldu Son Güncelleme : 13-06-2022 10:54

In Micro Export package exits made via Fast Express International Cargo;

The upper limit for weight is 150 kg and the upper limit for invoice is 7.500 euros.

The relevant amendment was published in the Official Gazette dated 29 June 2019 and numbered 30816, Courier Communiqué Serial No:6.

In the packages that come as Importsvia Fast Express Overseas Cargo;

For shipments coming from abroad on behalf of individuals or companies, simplified customs clearance procedures provided by fast cargo carriers within the scope of ETGB are limited to 5 shipments per month for individuals (within the scope of ETGB, with tax) and for companies (within the scope of ETGB, without tax). Official customs clearance will be required for all inbound shipments above this limit.

In order for the transactions of the shipments to be carried out correctly and on time, in the documents; TC ID number for individuals and Tax Number for companies are required.

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The kilogram limit for micro export shipments is 300 Kg, determined by the customs authorities of Turkey. The other abbreviated name of micro export shipment is ETGB. Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration output, which is approved electronically by the Customs Directorate, which is the relevant outlet for Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration (ETGB) and transmitted to the VEDOP (Tax Offices Automation Project) internet system, is submitted to the tax office and VAT refund is requested from the sending company. In cases where the ETGB statement cannot be obtained, a letter containing the information regarding the prepared declaration is sent by the relevant cargo company. Check out our campaign prices
In micro export shipments, the price can be up to 15,000 Euros.
Invoice, E-Archive Invoice, ETGB Information Form and Bill of Lading must be prepared for micro export shipments. Link for Invoice /, Link for Etgb /, Check out our campaign prices /en/campaign/
In micro export shipments, you can send your shipment under the name of export ETGB without the need for a customs officer. ETGB (Electronic Trade Customs Declaration) is a declaration issued electronically by Postal and Express Cargo Carriers in Export, that is, by CARGO operators. Overseas Cargo companies for export shipments through indirect representation. ETGB (Electronic Trade Customs Declaration) is authorized to provide Express Export service. Check out our campaign prices
Advantages of micro export; Customs clearance is not required. You can receive the VAT Refund of the shipment you have made from your tax office. The tax office to which the customers are affiliated must obtain approval from the exit customs regarding export. Since the electronic system related to the export with declaration is completed, the approval process can be easily. Since the export event with ETGB (Electronic Trade Customs Declaration) is a completely private event, customs confirmations cannot be obtained quickly and delays may occur. The Ministry of Finance allows the VAT refund to be made in the amount of the confirmed part, so that the relevant extensions do not cause delays in export VAT refund. Check out our campaign prices