New Regulation Information in Micro Export Package Exits
29-08-2019 09:58'de Oluşturuldu Son Güncelleme : 12-05-2021 10:18

In the Micro Export package outlets made through Fast Express International Cargo;

Micro-export shipment limits, which are 150 kg of weight and the limit of 7.500 euro, which is the upper limit of invoices, have been updated to 300 kg and 15,000 euros to be effective as of 14 July.

The related amendment was published in the Official Gazette No. 30816 dated 29 June 2019, Courier Communiqué Serial No: 6.

In the packages that come as Imports made via Fast Express International Cargo;

For shipments from abroad on behalf of individuals or firms, 5 (ETGB coverage, tax) and 5 (ETGB coverage, tax-free) shipment restrictions have been imposed per month for simplified customs withdrawal services provided by fast cargo carriers under ETGB. For all shipments over this limit, formal customs clearance will be required.

In order for the shipments to be carried out correctly and on time, in the documents; TR ID number for individuals and Tax Number for companies should be written.

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