Is it forbidden to send drugs with international shipping?
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Is it forbidden to send drugs with international shipping?

The drug is used in the treatment of any disease. Mankind has been using healing methods in different ways throughout history. In the past, treatment was done with natural methods. However, the product that has been researched in terms of medicine and has an effect in its treatment is medicine. The drug has been researched by medical doctors around the world and medications are used for each disease. Many companies make cargo transfers to meet the drug needs of people around the world.
One of the most important product shipments in overseas cargo transfer is medicine. Every country carries out a strict inspection in drug submissions. Some conditions and reports are requested for the drug.
Yurtdışı Kargo ile İlaç Göndermek Yasak mı
These standards must be complied with in order for drugs to pass through customs. When we come to send drugs abroad, everything can be sent, including medicine, by shipping abroad. As mentioned above, you can easily send all kinds of cargo in the light of the necessary documents.

Documents Required for Sending Cargo Abroad

• Medicine prescription
• Medication prospectus
Health report
• Social health information
• Causes of drug use

How Do I Send Medicines Abroad?

If you want to send drugs abroad, it will be enough to contact Fast express. Our company offers you the best support for all your individual medication deliveries and your company medication deliveries. You can reach us on 0215 414 4410 or 0232 425 1205. Apart from these numbers, you can reach us on the website or create an online cargo shipment.
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Fast Shipping By Air

Our company prefers the airway to deliver your medicines on time. Aircraft cargoes we use in the airway are sent to all over the world. It is questioned why drug delivery is received at customs even in fast or normal cargo shipments. We are working hard to make this difficult and troublesome process in the fastest way.

Can I bring medicines from abroad with cargo?

You can bring the medicine you want to our country with the necessary documents and reports from the country you want from abroad. Drugs that pass through the customs can be evaluated by the required units and placed on the market in our country from customs. Fast express provides the best practical and quality service for the rapid progress of this whole process.
Yurtdışı Kargo ile İlaç Göndermek Yasak mı
Fast express offers its customers fast, safe and affordable solutions in international pharmaceutical transportation.

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