Iran Overseas Cargo Chicken Shipping
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Iran Overseas Cargo Chicken Shipping

Increasing chicken prices in the world are also reflected in Iran. It even came to the agenda of politics in Iran. The government allowed chicken imports from abroad in an attempt to lower prices. You must have all the authorization documents for sending chicken and food products to Iran, which has a great location in the Middle East. You must provide the fastest service to send frozen food products such as chicken to Iran.

If you do not have a local supplier and you want to try to export chicken or frozen food products to Iran, you should know that this is not an easy process. You can rely on our track record of safely shipping chicken or frozen chicken to Iran and worldwide. Our dedicated staff provides excellent shipping service for chickens.

International cargo transportation to Iran is not independent from other serving markets. In other words, the sender and receiver of the cargo; When choosing the contractor company, they are closely related to how quickly the cargo will arrive. Cargo service buyers living in privates located outside the city centers, which we call remote points, and whose population density is below a certain number, are a bit unlucky in this regard. The reason for this is that companies providing cargo services only visit these locations on certain days in order to reduce their costs.

Lifted Iran's export ban on Chicken trade to Iran;

In a letter sent to the Customs Administration of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it was stated that the daily ban on export of chicken, chicken meat and eggs was lifted by the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade. Iran produces more than 2.1 million chickens per year on 20,000 farms. Before the export ban began, 100 thousand tons of chicken meat was exported annually from Iran. According to the National Union of Poultry Farm Owners, Iranians consume around 25 kilograms of chicken per year, ranking seventh and first in consumption in the world and the Middle East, respectively.

The latest available data on egg production shows that a total of 940,000 tons of eggs were produced in the March 2016-17 fiscal year. Per capita egg consumption in Iran is estimated at 11.5 kilograms, according to Hassan Rokni, deputy agriculture minister. This figure is two kilograms higher than the global average.

Many cargo companies from all over the world to Iran provide international cargo services. World-class cargo companies provide cargo services to all parts of Iran. Overseas cargo companies provide all kinds of security for your cargo for which they are the carrier. Companies are responsible for any damage and loss of your cargo. Our firm, which provides Fast Express Iran international cargo service, receives your cargo and delivers it to all cities in Iran either from the airport or to the address of your recipient. As Fast express, we produce solutions for you by listening to the requests of our customers and with quality. We provide all kinds of support in order to meet the demands of our customers.

Iran Air Cargo

As fast express, it sends cargo to all over the world, including Iran, by air. Our company, which generally prefers the airline, shows the importance of the airline especially in the frozen food and chicken trade. All live or dead chickens are shipped as quickly as possible. Fast express, the address of speed and trust, Our company, which carries out air cargo transportation around the world, serves you at the lowest cost according to your needs. Your cargo, which passes through the customs at the airport without any problems, is delivered either from the airport or to the address of your recipient. It delivers cargo to Iranian cities with our superior technology, advanced software and state-of-the-art tools. Your cargo is tracked until it reaches your recipient. If you want, you can easily track every movement of your cargo with the tracking number given by our company.

Iran Cargo Tracking

You can track your cargo to Iran via the software system we use. In other words, our company, which follows every movement of your cargo, can also easily follow every movement of your cargo on our website. Fast Express; With Cargo to Iran, we offer the best services to our esteemed customers with the principle of excellent service and quality service in international chicken transportation and distribution.

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