Iran International Cargo Spare Parts Shipping
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Iran International Cargo Spare Parts Shipping

Iran is one of the major Asian countries. It is under embargo from many countries such as America and European countries. Iran ranks 25th among the countries that Turkey exports to. Iran ranks 18th among the countries in Turkey's imports. Good commercial relations with many countries, including Turkey, continue. Our firm, Fast express, which provides international international cargo services, expands its service range by following its service range in Iran from the departure point to the consignee in Iran.

Import, export or local customers to Iran all rely on effective supply chain management in Iran and overseas. From the moment you place an international cargo order or make a sale, Fast express supply chain logistics works to ensure that all customs compliance, mode of transportation, transit times and competitive pricing are carried out and all shipments are made on time. Among the products that Iran will provide tariff reduction to Turkey with the Preferential Trade Agreement; many products such as cleaning products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, plastic materials, forest products, textiles, ready-made clothing, home textiles, furniture, steel products, iron and non-ferrous metals, white goods such as refrigerators, dishwashers, air conditioners and electrical-electronic products. is located. Iron and steel, lead, tobacco and its products, weaving products, machinery, automotive industry products, cork and wood products and plastics have an important place in Turkey's exports to Iran.

On Time Iran Cargo

In order to ensure a timely delivery, we ship to Iran with the correct address, an accurate shipping address and destination place extremely well calculated. This is how we help the delivery partner ensure the package is delivered right the first time. Cargoes sent by air cargo are delivered to Iran in a very short time. Air cargo transportation is a safe and fast way of transportation. We ship to all airports, including Tehran airport, Mehrabad International airport, Now Shahr airport, Ramsar airport, Sary airport, Kashan airport, Araak airport. We send your spare parts cargo by air to almost all cities, especially Tehran.

Iran Cargo Prices

Our Fast Express company, which sends the cargo to Iran at the most affordable prices, is dedicated to providing you with excellent service at a much lower cost than the competition. We offer the best prices for shipping boxes to Iran. If you need to ship a cheap package to Iran, we can help you find the cheapest shipping. Our experienced staff can tailor the perfect shipping strategy to suit your needs. Whether you're shipping freight or just a car to Iran, we have the best strategy for you and your company. We use our years of experience to help you navigate the nuances of the international shipping community with no hassle. When you need to ship a package to Iran, you can count on us to make sure your delivery arrives on time.

Products Banned to Iran

You should be familiar with the list of prohibited items to ship to Iran. These are very diverse, but customs clearance can be problematic. If you send something on the banned list, your package will be confiscated and in some cases you may be prosecuted. To avoid this headache, you should always do your homework and never assume things that are considered forbidden. You can review the list of prohibited products and send your cargo accordingly. You also need to check if you want to send some prohibited spare part products.

Sending Spare Parts to Iran

When you want to send spare part products to and from Iran, we provide shipping at the most affordable costs. Fast Express; We offer the best services to you, our esteemed customers, with the principle of excellent service and quality service understanding in the transportation and distribution of spare parts to Iran with Overseas Cargo.

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