International Express Shipping Service

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International Express Shipping Service

Fast Express Cargo takes all kinds of international fast cargo shipments from your address in the country where you are in the world, and delivers them to the address you want to all countries of the world. While trying to gain customer satisfaction by making fast transportation with low cost and affordable price, our company has become one of the fastest overseas cargo companies with its safe transportation. Our company, which has time sensitivity and needs to be delivered to the buyer as soon as possible within the commitment period given by our professional team is delivered to the address in the fastest way. Our company, in accordance with your request from us as corporate or individual shipments of all International Express Shipping Service after the completion of the control of the package and the necessary documents to be delivered to the address given after the delivery stage is provided. Our operation specialists and professional team will track your cargo from the moment it is received to the delivery one by one, share the information with you instantly and transmit the delivery information to you when the delivery takes place.

International Fast Shipping Price

It is easy and cost-effective to send and receive cargo for your export or normal shipment from your own country for personal or official purposes to all countries in the world or to your country from international countries. If you want to get fast cargo service in bulk or commercial abroad, special discounts are provided with our campaigns, price privileges and discount advantages. The pricing of the cargoes you want to send to international countries makes a difference according to the size and weight of the shipment, the country to which it will be sent and the additional services required accordingly. You can obtain information using the calculation tool on our website.

International Express Cargo Companies

When you want to send as a fast cargo from your country to any place in the international countries or you want to bring it to your own country from another country; There are different transportation times depending on the urgency. Many services can be provided to suit these needs and the budget of your business. Our expert team in the field and 15 years of experience with the international fast shipping service, our company is a company that provides the best quality and fast response to the needs of our valued customers. For shipments abroad, the shipment number consists of the country from which the shipment departs. The generated shipment number will be provided to you immediately after shipping. With this overseas cargo shipment tracking number, you can track your cargo momentarily at We can trust you for all your import and export solutions. It is a declaration issued in the electronic environment by postal and international Express Cargo Carriers, ie operators in export. The shipment you send with fast shipping abroad should not exceed 150 kg. At the same time, for export shipments up to 7500 EUR in monetary value, Fast Export (Micro Export) service with ETGB can be provided. You can get your VAT back with low cost Micro export ETGB shipment service.

You can easily follow up the export and import goods, documents, products, orders, goods or packages that you want to send in the fast shipping services to the countries abroad with Fast Express Cargo. In case of lost, stolen or damaged (which is minimized) your shipments which are shipped to countries abroad are compensated with the agreements we will make. That's why you can send your shipments to other countries easily. In international countries, average cargo delivery times are delivered to Europe more quickly, while in non-European overseas countries it can take up more time. Shipment time order is made in Europe, America, South America region, Africa continent, Far East countries, Russia region.

There may be different situations in some overseas countries and in some regions. For example, Egypt, Mauritania, Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Djibouti, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Oman Arab countries such as Jordan and Jordan, such as the lack of distribution because it is a holiday on Friday. War, terror and so on. In countries where there are prohibited extra countries, shipping cargo abroad may be a bit more problematic. You must contact Fast Express Kargo for shipping to these countries. (Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, North Korea and Iran)

Overseas shipping countries and codes:

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