International Cargo with Counter-Payment

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International Counter-Payment Cargo

With FAST EXPRESS, shipping costs can become annoying in cases where you have made a sale or have to ship because of your obligation, in your overseas counter-paid cargoes. In such cases, you can send your international cargoes with counter-paid, you can ensure that your buyer covers all the transportation and all costs, all the payments in the world. We can easily receive payments from all countries, thanks to our payment service that works in harmony with the payment systems.

Our Overseas Counterpayment service should be evaluated by excluding collection at the door, and it is a system in which payment is received first and then the service is provided. Within our system, after receiving the necessary information for your international cargo shipment, payment is received from your recipient by credit card and then documentation is made for the exit operation.

For more detailed information about our counter payment system, you can contact us by calling 0090 2125414410 or 0090 2324251202.

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