International Cargo Transfer Process
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International Cargo Transfer Process

International Cargo Transfer Process

The service provided to carry goods, products or any load and gain a profit is called overseas cargo. Overseas shipping is a service that ensures that goods, such as packages, documents sent abroad, are sent across the border. Thanks to this service, it can send all kinds of cargo abroad, individually and institutionally. Cargoes are sent to different points of the world by air, land and sea. The fastest cargo is shipped by air plane cargo. Your cargo packages can be sent by plane during the day.
The overseas shipping process goes through certain transactions and is delivered to the address abroad. This delivery process goes through different stages in each company. This delivery process is as follows.
Shipping fee.
• Checking the cargo
• The exit point of the cargo.
• The address where the cargo will be sent abroad.
• Is your cargo for a person? or to the firm? Indicating that you will go.
• Information required on return.
• Delivery time.
Shipping tracking number.
• Special note for your cargo.
Yurtdışı Kargo Transfer Süreci

International Cargo Transfer Prices

It makes old and, in particular, special pricing for its customers against the increasing market prices in shipping packages and documents. Our prices, which are determined according to the desi value of your cargo, are the most affordable prices compared to other companies. Cargoes sent to every point of the world are delivered safely to our destination by fast or normal courier services. We also make paid cargo transfers to all continents in America, Europe, Asia, Africa. Shipping will be put wherever you are in Turkey and was sent to the most affordable prices.

Overseas Cargo Transfer Time

While all your cargoes sent abroad are sent at the most affordable prices, deliveries are sent in the fastest way. By operating our international cargo transfer process quickly, we send your cargo to every point in the world in the shortest time. While your European cargo takes 1 business day, it can take 2-3 days to other continents.
Yurtdışı Kargo Transfer Süreci
You can also make your cargo online or by visiting our branches. You can create an "online cargo shipment" from our website .com. You can easily find out the delivery time on our website. In addition, where your cargo goes through which transactions, you can easily follow up with the cargo tracking number we have given you. It is the sending of your cargo passing through these processes either by paying yourself or as a counter payment. Companies that want to send a fast and economical cargo make these cargo transfer processes easier and faster. The fast operation of the system also makes your work easier. While passing your cargoes through these processes, every cargo company has special methods for any breakage, crushing deformity.
that we send cargo from Turkey to abroad customers and the industry sector in the direction that express fast changing technology and a new generation of explaining the submission process easier, providing a fast and economical shipping. Our professional staff, who manage the international cargo transfer process until the delivery of the cargo, is always in service. The cargoes sent with careful cargo package are sent without any problems. As fast express, it provides professional services to its customers with the system developed specially in the process of cargo transportation.
Yurtdışı Kargo Transfer Süreci

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