International Cargo Prices 2022

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International Shipping Prices 2019

Overseas cargo is a system that allows the transfer of goods through the customs of all countries in the world. International cargo transportation is carried out by air and land. Individual, corporate, large and small businesses can send their cargoes and personal belongings abroad.

Affordable Shipping to Abroad

Cargo transportation is an important business in 2021, as it was in previous years. Cargo is transported with great care when loading, on the road, at customs and to the address to be reached. We are working hard to ensure that your cargo and its contents are not damaged. With the work of our professional team, problems such as parcel damage, product damage and loss are eliminated.

When you send your cargo abroad, there is a process until it reaches the correct address. We manage this process with the system we use. Our company, which provides logistics services, always improves itself in cargo transportation and offers the latest and latest transportation technologies to its customers. Our company, which carries all kinds of goods, transports your personal and products abroad quickly and at the most affordable prices.

Carrying cargo abroad is a very important job. There is not only transportation in this business. Here, cargo tracking carries the most important customs procedures. Foreign customs procedures are processed differently. As a company, it accelerates the foreign customs procedures and ensures that your cargoes go faster and safer.

International Cargo Shipping Prices

As Fast-express, we serve our valued customers with the best price guarantee. All goods, large and small, are sent abroad. Your cargoes are safely delivered to their addresses with the professional system and state-of-the-art tools we use.

In international cargo shipments, it is an important criterion that the cargo you send arrives on time, it is transported safely and at the same time, the shipping operations are carried out in easy conditions. Fast Express Cargo provides you with this convenience and eliminates the trust problem by minimizing the time phase. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
You can reach us using the numbers in the contact section of our website, you can get information about shipments, transactions and prices by contacting our customer representatives. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
As Fast Express Family, we carry your shipments meticulously and deliver them to the address you want. In order to take advantage of our campaign prices,
The sample varies in all ETGB or declared shipments. For the sample; Bill of Lading and Proforma Invoice for ETGB; Invoice, E-Archive Invoice, Etgb Information Form and Bill of Lading are sufficient. For declared shipments; Loading Note, E-Invoice, Packing List and Bill of Lading are sufficient. Your customs officer carries out the declaration procedures. Check out our campaign prices
The price is sent to you based on the size and weight of the shipments you will make. Its pricing, referred to as the 1st region, provides very favorable advantages over our system. For detailed information, you can reach the information at

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