International Air Cargo Shipping Prices

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Yurtdışı Uçak Kargo Fiyatları 2021

International Air Cargo Shipping Prices

The air cargo sector transports all kinds of packages, products, materials and everything manufactured in the fastest and safest way in line with the needs of people, governments, companies and people in the world. Airports are transported to all countries abroad by air cargo carriers, with the air cargo supply chain, infrastructure and facilities within the facilitator as a movement, in a smooth flow.

One of the most important points in international international cargo transportation is IATA rules. Cargo packages transported according to IATA rules are transported without any problems. The rapid development of technology brought about changes in the international cargo transportation sector. One of these changes is international air cargo service in today's world. Turkey international express courier service with fast shipping packages, briefcases quickly to remote locations, provides a safe and economical way to be delivered.

Although it seems high cost to ship goods by air, we take every precaution to keep it to a minimum. For cost-effective air freight transportation, you need to make sure your products are as small and light as possible. Every inch and every gram weight can change the price for your overseas shipping package. Choose door-to-door transportation service for international cargo transportation. In the fast express to your door taking your overseas cargo shipping from Turkey's 81 provinces are shipping to more than 220 countries in the world.

Yurtdışı Uçak Kargo Fiyatları 2021

International Air Cargo Fees

Air cargo transportation is the fastest method of international freight transportation, but there may be delays due to the need for export and import customs clearance. However, our company Fast Express has been developing much faster methods as of. In international cargo transportation, you can pay the shipping fees by credit card, bank transfer, EFT and cash.

Yurtdışı Uçak Kargo Fiyatları 2021

Economic and Reliable Service

Fast Express, as in the previous years, provides you with timely and safe service in the field of air cargo transportation by eliminating the worries of damage such as damage, loss, confusion, delivery to the wrong address in. With our customer satisfaction principles, we offer the most economical solutions for your international air cargo deliveries, taking into account the size, weight and characteristics of the cargo and the destination to be delivered. For your international cargo, we determine our prices according to the desi volume value you will give us and the address to be sent.

If you want to send air cargo abroad, it is enough to give us the volume of the cargo package. Multiply the width, length and height of your international cargo package for which you want to calculate the volume. When you divide the result from this multiplication operation by five thousand (5000), the result will give you the result of the volume deci calculation.

Yurtdışı Uçak Kargo Fiyatları 2021

Overseas Counter-Paid Cargo

You can collect the shipping cost and the cost of the cargo package from the buyer. Our company delivers this fee from Fast Express buyer in cash or online systems. Thanks to its connections abroad, our company works very well with all systems, no matter which country you are in, and makes collections easily.

Yurtdışı Uçak Kargo Fiyatları 2021

What can be sent with international air cargo?

Fast Express; electricity to Turkey from anywhere in the world in, as in previous years, electronics, spare parts, textile, food, metal, plastic, files; documents, invoices, price offers, contracts, mutual correspondence, forms, application documents, printed products, company, office documents, school documents, visa documents, documents, smart devices, souvenirs, personal belongings.

Fast Express; With International Aircraft Cargo, we offer professional services to our esteemed customers with the principle of excellent service in international document, package transportation and distribution and quality service understanding.

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