How To Send Overseas Cargo At The Door?
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How To Send Overseas Cargo At The Door?

Fast Express; With its excellent service principle and understanding of quality service in international document, package transportation and distribution, it offers economical and safe services that can meet the demands of our esteemed customers. You can send overseas cargo at the door from abroad to your country or from a country to your country. It is very easy to send overseas cargo at the door. By contacting with fast express, you can specify that the shipment you want to send is paid at the door and you can make the transactions accordingly. In the previous article, we talked about the subject of individual cargo abroad, and now we will talk about how to send the international cargo with payment at the door.

Overseas Cargo at the Door

Your shipments that you want to send paid overseas cargo at the door are transported in the fastest and safest way to the country to be delivered from the moment they are delivered to us or received by us. Being one of the fastest and safest transportation on time in cargo processing and customs processes is one of the principles of Fast Express Cargo. In addition to normal above-ground shipments, aircraft cargo is used for the delivery of the products, goods or documents to be sent with the fastest shipping option abroad, within a few days.
The shipping rates paid abroad for the fastest shipping at the door vary according to the weight, volume, design and quantity of the product or document you will send. You can contact Fast Express Cargo for detailed information on the subject.

Fast Express Cargo is the address you will apply to send your products, documents, souvenirs, documents, export goods to the fastest shipping abroad, by paying abroad cargo at the door from abroad to your country or from a country abroad. Your personal cargo or commercial corporate cargo or official (documents, documents etc.) cargo is provided at the door of the fastest shipping abroad. Regardless of the shipping purpose, you can quickly send to any country / region you want, regardless of the distance conditions. The fastest shipping abroad; shipping by plane. You can make your shipment at normal speed or at very fast speed.
Your export goods with a weight capacity of up to 150 kg and a price of up to 7500 Euro are included in the scope of micro export. It is included in the paid category. You can also arrange exportation with this price with customs consultancy companies and make your customs declaration transactions. However, these customs brokerage firms cannot issue Electronic Trade Customs Declaration. You can easily resolve your shipment of goods with the delivery of cargo abroad at the door with Fast Express Cargo, which has the authority to send the Electronic Trade Customs Declaration, and you will have made the payment of the cargo abroad.
How to send paid overseas cargo from one end of the world to the other? You can easily trust us when you say. The delivery of the products or goods or important documents that should be sent in an emergency is made in the fastest way. E.g; poster flyers and brochures, emergency exhibition materials, invitations, factory-made production materials that are forgotten or missing, important documents, machine spare parts, promotions, newsletters ...

always customer satisfaction, we will reach the best places to support you, our customers our worldwide both in commercial and technological innovations in Turkey market collate the transport sector with our understanding of service and efforts to further expand our border countries of the world in terms of thinking about first.
Usually from Turkey to European countries, from the moment where the average output is delivered in 1 or 2 business days. Turkey from the United States, from the moment where the output is delivered in an average of 2 or 3 business days. From Turkey, Brazil, South American countries such as Argentina, from the moment where the average output is delivered 3 or 4 working days. From Turkey to countries in Africa, where output is delivered from the moment an average of 4 or 5 business days. From Turkey, China, Japan, Korea, Far East Asian countries such as Thailand, from the moment where output is delivered in an average of 2 or 5 business days. From Turkey to countries in northern regions such as Russia or Ukraine, where output from the moment you make an average of 3 or 4 cargo door, sending prepaid international courier business day it will be delivered.

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