How Can I Send Overseas Cargo to Amazon Warehouse?
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Amazon Deposuna Nasıl Yurtdışı Kargo Gönderebilirim

How Can I Send Overseas Cargo to Amazon Warehouse?

It is a system known to anyone who sells commercially or individually with an Amazon account. With this practical system, Amazon sellers send to their customers faster. EBay seller sends their products to Amazon warehouses in the country or continent outside the Amazon wants Turkey. When a customer in that region orders the product, Amazon delivers the product of the seller to the customer by courier. Amazon FBA system is very easy and very simple.

There are many firms in Turkey for the delivery of the product you're selling to Amazon store. Not all companies ship from overseas cargo transport companies to the Amazon warehouse. Fast Express satisfies its customers in line with the services it provides in the field of international transportation. It provides worldwide shipping including Amazon warehouses.

Amazon Deposuna Nasıl Yurtdışı Kargo Gönderebilirim

How Do I Fast Ship to Amazon Repository?

When your customer orders via amazon, it is very important that the product is in amazon warehouses. Because your product in amazon warehouse is delivered to the customer very quickly by Amazon. If your products are running low or finished in the Amazon store, you need to send new ones. For this reason, you should send to Amazon warehouse with the fastest and safest way. When sending cargo to Amazon warehouses, it is important to know how and where the cargo will be delivered. The payment must be made by the sender. Since cargo shipments are made to Amazon warehouses, it must be paid by the buyer.

Shipping Prices to Amazon Warehouse

You need to know the Volume / Desi information of the packages you want to ship to the Amazon warehouse. Multiply the width, length and height of your international cargo package for which you want to calculate the volume. Divide the result from this multiplication by five thousand (5000), the result will give you the result of the volume / deci calculation. According to the value of Desi, our company offers you a special price. In addition, we make discounts for your bulk shipments.

Amazon Deposuna Nasıl Yurtdışı Kargo Gönderebilirim

How Many Days Do My Packages Go To Amazon Warehouse?

According to the warehouse to which it will go to the Amazon warehouse, our company makes the fastest shipping. Your products can take an average of 2 to 5 days to Amazon stores around the world. If there is no problem in the customs, we send it as fast as possible.

Can I Send My Breakable Item to Amazon Storage?

Items that will be broken in shipments to the Amazon warehouse are a situation where companies and individuals are anxious. As Fast Express, the materials we use in the packaging of the goods ensure that your products are delivered without damage. You are not required to pay extra for these shipments. Our company provides the packaging of the products for you free of charge. As Fast Express international transportation company, we provide reliable transportation at affordable prices. If you have a cargo or package to the Amazon warehouse, you can contact us by phone or mail from our website. To our customer representative who will contact you; If you share the address and address details of the delivery of the cargo you will send, your package will be collected from you at the collection / distribution center and the shipment is started on the same day.

Amazon Deposuna Nasıl Yurtdışı Kargo Gönderebilirim

Fast Express; We offer professional cargo shipping services to our esteemed customers with the principle of excellent service and quality service understanding in the delivery and distribution of packages to the Amazon FBA warehouse with Overseas Cargo.

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