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Almanya En Ucuz Yurt Dışı Uçak Kargo

Overseas cargo transportation, by making use of the technology's advanced ease of use as a sector, provides customers with the convenience of transfer, packaging and customs after purchasing the desired materials or documents, and delivering them to the desired destinations in the world. Transfers of international cargoes are also an important point in terms of customer trust by knowing where the relevant shipment is by providing instant tracking on the same internet environment.

Almanya En Ucuz Yurt Dışı Uçak Kargo

Fast Express, the international courier services from more than 200 countries, the introduction of overseas cargo packages and envelopes in Turkey and abroad in the same way cargo from Turkey to send packages and envelopes procedures are carried out in rapid economic conditions.

You can calculate the transportation costs of your international cargoes online on our site, and get information via live link for delivery times. Fees for your international cargo can be collected over the internet as a credit card or money order.

Almanya En Ucuz Yurt Dışı Uçak Kargo

Your international cargo shipments are sent to the address. Cargoes from the city you are in are received through the contracted agency. The materials that are operated leave Istanbul's airports where cargo departures are made, and there is no direct departure from the existing airport in the province where the package is purchased.

International courier and cargo departures are made from Istanbul airports according to customs laws. Your package, which arrives abroad, passes customs inspection at the entrance to the country customs where it will be delivered. Value control of the package is made. Documents and documents containing packages are only examined for security and no customs procedures are made. In sample shipments, the package depending on the type of outgoing material and customs rules of the country it is visited is taken into consideration. The buyer country may need to pay customs tax after customs inspection. For overseas cargo shipments with customs tax, information is obtained from the relevant customer information department on the phone about the approval of the tax, and in case of approval, the package is delivered by the international package courier. The relevant customs clearance for overseas cargoes will be made by the buyer in the country where they arrive.

For overseas package delivery, under 300 kg and below 15000 euro, according to the latest customs laws, overseas shipments can be sent as invoice. If desired, the package can be issued by the company as ETGB (Electronic Trade Customs Declaration) along with the customs invoice and invoice.

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