Forbidden International Shipping

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Taşınması Yasak Yurtdışı Kargo

Forbidden International Shipping

With the international shipping service, people and companies send their products, goods and documents to the address they want abroad by paying certain fees. It is not an easy task to transfer cargo to more than 220 countries and thousands of cities around the world. It is very important to choose fast, reliable and economical ways in international shipping business. One of the most important points is the banned cargo transport service.

As a company, we do not carry any cargo that is forbidden to be transported. We also cannot carry prohibited cargoes according to international and customs rules. When it comes to banned cargo, all dangerous products such as explosive and flammable are not carried. It is forbidden to be transported in order not to harm the environment, human beings, animals and all other living things. This type of banned products can be carried with special permission.

Taşınması Yasak Yurtdışı Kargo

Cargoes Prohibited to be Carried

Cargoes that are completely forbidden to be transported; banned products that apply to many other products, such as drugs, living and inanimate people and animals, very heavy and substances that will damage the surrounding cargo, human organs and special jewelery, are not carried.

Cargoes Not Forwarding

Cargoes that are not forbidden to be transported abroad and to our country; Thousands of millions of products and products can be transported from every sector such as food, textile, spare parts, printing products, accessories, plastic, metal, electricity, electronics. In addition, all kinds of confidential documents such as envelopes, documents, documents, confidential documents can be carried.

Taşınması Yasak Yurtdışı Kargo

How to Ship Cargos Not Forwarded?

You can easily send it by contacting our company for your cargo, which is not a problem in transportation. You can also send your cargo abroad by creating an online cargo shipment from our website. When you contact with fast express, your cargoes are taken from your door and sent.

We can deliver your cargoes delivered to your doorstep couriers to our center and immediately start the check-out process, and deliver to the country, airport and plaster's address abroad. With our services we provide with airplane cargo, your cargo is delivered in a very short time. Every non-prohibited product and your personal belongings can be sent.

Taşınması Yasak Yurtdışı Kargo

Every international cargo that you send individually and commercially is transported in accordance with international IATA rules. Your cargo transported illegally is sent with a follow-up. We provide cargo tracking number separately for every cargo that is transported except for prohibited products. Your cargoes are transported quickly and safely with the cargo tracking number.

As fast express, we provide professional services in international shipping for individual shipments and shipments of corporate companies in international cargo transportation.

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