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Yurtdışına Eşya Gönderen Firmalar

Firms Shiping Goods Abroad

With the developing technology, transportation has gained a significant momentum. Now, very heavy loads are sent abroad to the address you want. With the development of online systems, it has become much easier for people and companies to ship goods abroad. With a small smartphone, you can create an online cargo shipment from anywhere in the world and send your cargo to any country of the world.

There are countless companies that send goods abroad. Our company, which offers overseas transportation services, is specialized in the field of transportation and has experience, so it can manage its risks better, calculate the cost better and provide quality service to the company that receives the service. Thus, the company receiving the service can be given very detailed and precise information about the total cost of ownership of the service.

Shipping Prices with International Shipping

While calculating the international cargo prices, the price is determined according to the weight of the goods to be sent and the volume weight, which is larger, according to the capacity of the cargo, and the price for kilograms and country is determined by looking at the region of the destination country. If the destination country flights are tight, we provide shipping in a very short time. Getting a discounted price for your international cargo shipments is one of the most demanded issues by customers who will send cargo. As a discount, your goods must be in the most economical way in order to send the cargo in the cheapest way.

Which Items Can Be Sent Abroad?

We carry almost everything abroad, including all kinds of household goods, office goods, souvenirs, second-hand items, spare parts, new products you manufacture. We carefully pack all kinds of fragile items to prevent them from being damaged and the labels we make on each side of your package from being lost. As Fast Express, as a result of our clean operation, reliability is the most important point for us, so we will always be your 1st choice.

Yurtdışına Eşya Gönderen Firmalar

How Can I Ship My Items Abroad?

First of all, you can send your cargo and get more detailed information by contacting us via or calling 0215 414 4410 or 0232 425 1205 to send your goods abroad. Our company sends your belongings wherever you are in 81 provinces, by processing them in our center. Our company, which delivers to more than 220 countries around the world, also delivers your counter-paid cargoes. We pay your fee collected from the buyer as soon as possible. In overseas counter-paid shipments, freight charges are collected from the buyer, as well as taxes that may occur in the customs of the relevant country. If the relevant tax payments requested by sending an extra fee payable can be translated from Turkey, the process will occur in this regard will be billed to the sender and collection is done.

Yurtdışına Eşya Gönderen Firmalar

Fast express uses the best systems in international cargo tracking. You can track every movement of your cargo through our system.

Fast Express; We offer professional services to you, our esteemed customers, with the principle of excellent service in Overseas Cargo, International document, package transportation and distribution, and quality service understanding.

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