Drug Delivery with Overseas Cargo
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Yurtdışı Kargo ile İlaç Gönderimi

Drug Delivery with Overseas Cargo

As a drug transportation abroad, it is questioned by the buyer why the drug was purchased for the country customs. Turkey recipes prepared from overseas may not accept the customs of the drug so that the drug will be returned to the country and sent pass through customs. You can contact our company at 0215414410 or 02324251205 from your city in order to send drugs as international cargo.

In order to send drugs abroad, the prescription and prospectus of the drug to be delivered must be delivered completely. A doctor's report, medical report and other documents may be requested from abroad for the buyer. but not exit from Turkey for sending drugs abroad together prohibition of customs procedures of overseas buyers to be strict about this doctor's prescription social causes of drug use and health information is requested.

Even if the relevant information is delivered completely, the material can not be released by the customs but can be returned.

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