Corona virus is transmitted by international cargoes?
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Corona virus is transmitted by international cargoes?

Corona (Corona) Virus is spreading rapidly all over the world, especially China and Italy, and therefore deaths continue in the world. The corona virus, which has spread rapidly to the most recent European countries, is a wonder whether it will be transmitted from abroad, far east countries (from China) or from European countries. It began carrying this very important issue of interest to be disclosed that seen in Turkey as well. We mentioned in a previous article, we Shipping abroad from Turkey, is now infects the incoming cargo from overseas Corona Virus? We will talk about. Fast Express cargo offers the safest, healthiest and hygienic transportation solutions that end with the arrival of your shipment, from the moment your shipment leaves the country.

First of all, as Fast Express Cargo, we should state that; While all international cargoes are kept in storage areas, they are safely transferred in a sterile and clean environment. It is not possible to carry or transmit any virus such as corona (corona) etc. in international cargo transportation.


Experts say: "Viruses spread very quickly. Corona is a virus. But there is a very important point. These viruses, that is the Corona (Corona) virus, cannot survive too much outside. They need a cell. A blood cell must live in a respiratory output, only then they can stay alive. They can never stay alive for a long time outside. Packages from China, cargoes from China, people who carry cargo with international internet shopping. There is never a chance of virus infection. This is not possible, because these products and boxes remain outside for a long time and viruses cannot survive. There is no virus infection on these or on intermediary vehicles carrying these international cargoes. "

Covidien is said to be seen in Istanbul, Turkey-19 is also continuing research on coronaviruses or alias. More than 116,000 cases have been detected worldwide, and over 4,000 people died from the Corona virus. 64 thousand people who got ill recovered. All countries became vigilant for the deadly epidemic coronavirus (kovid-19), which emerged in Wuhan, China in December last year, and spread rapidly around the world. The number of people who died due to coronavirus is increasing. The World Health Organization's statement, "Countries should be prepared for the coronavirus, really knocking on the door ..." brought the panic to the top. The U.S. has announced that its troops in South Korea will reduce joint training exercises with this country's army due to the Kovid-19 outbreak that a US soldier has been detected. The most frightening explanation for the coronavirus came from the USA. Health Minister Fahrettin Koca made an important statement regarding the coronavirus. Husband: The test result of 1 citizen with suspected coronavirus was positive. He is a sick man and his general condition is good. All of the family members and all the people in the immediate vicinity are under surveillance. "


Fast Express Cargo is aware of its responsibility and classifies customer needs, while planning business and transportation, calculates every detail from domestic transportation to storage and customs clearance, as well as main transportation models. Fast Express Cargo carries your commercial and individual cargoes in line with international standards thanks to the agreements it has made with international import companies and export companies, private warehouses, companies and agencies that provide international cargo transportation services all over the world. Our company, which thinks every detail with a meticulousness in the international cargo service sector, offers fast and economical solutions in all international cargo services with the understanding of quality service. International international shipping and shipping service requires expertise. When you are going to receive international transportation and international cargo service, you should choose a company that offers all transactions in the legal framework. Because your overseas shipping packages must be transported safely and delivered to the specified address on time. After contacting our Fast Express Cargo company and obtaining detailed information with our customer representatives, you can provide service from us economically and safely, by providing the necessary international cargo service support. It offers a reliable service with its expert staff in the field of international cargo. Our company has accomplished and is successful in the field of transportation. Transportation is carried out with the help of our special transportation vehicles, which are located within our own structure. We offer economical and safe services in the capacity to meet the demands of our esteemed customers with the principle of excellent service and quality service in international shipping and distribution. Our price policy has also been determined economically and a professional service has been provided with appropriate terms. We will always reach the good places with the support of our customers with our efforts to further expand our borders in the country market and world countries on the basis of blending both commercial and technological innovations with our service understanding by always considering customer satisfaction as the first place.


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