Chicago International Cargo
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Chicago International Cargo

Chicago, the largest city in the US state of Illinois, is known as the city of the wind. The city of Chicago has always been the center of attention with its skyscrapers, transportation, historical sites, and tourist attractions. Chicago, which has become the financial center of the USA, can be reached by plane from the world and the city, which has many airports such as O'hare International airport, Chicago Midway International airport. Thousands of people and cargo are transported daily from these airports. Chicago, which opens to the world from these airports, has a larger economy than many European economies. It has the largest economy in the USA after New York and Los Angeles.

Along with the globalizing world, the overseas cargo system is also very advanced in terms of technology. International cargo transportation with new planes, new vehicles is fast, safe and affordable. International cargo service to America is provided from every country in the world. When you receive international cargo service to Chicago, you can send your cargo by specifying the type of goods, information and delivery address. In order to send your commercial and personal shipments at any time, you should immediately agree with a company that provides international cargo service.

Many cargo companies also provide international cargo services in our country. Our cargo companies, which serve at world standards, provide cargo services to all over the world. Overseas cargo companies provide all kinds of security for your cargo for which they are the carrier. Companies are responsible for any damage and loss of your cargo. Fast Express Chicago Our firm, which provides international cargo service, can take your cargo from the airport in Chicago, or we deliver it to the address of your recipient. As Fast express, we produce solutions for you by listening to the requests of our customers and with quality. We provide all kinds of support in order to meet the demands of our customers.

What to Ship to Chicago

Fast express, we transport documents, files, special items, food products, construction materials, metal industry, agricultural products, textile products and all kinds of your goods and souvenirs to the city of Chicago. We also support the logistics works of corporate companies. Our company exceeds expectations in terms of transportation and logistics support. In line with the service we offer, your cargo is closely monitored. We follow all your movements until they are delivered to the address. You can also track your cargo at any time by giving you a tracking number.

By using our normal and fast cargo services, we send your cargo by planes. With the "Micro Export" (exit with ETGB) service, which is used extensively by our company, we carry out the transactions of the shipments with a weight of 150 kg and a goods value of less than 7500 €, with the authority of indirect representation, without any Customs Brokerage Fee, bill of lading and storage fee. Our airline transportation company provides transportation services in accordance with IATA rules.

Chicago Shipping Prices

Fast express sends cargo to overseas countries by air. Our company Fast Express, which sends the desi volume value of your cargo; It offers the best services to our esteemed customers with its excellent service principle and quality service understanding in document, package transportation and distribution to Chicago in the international arena with Overseas Cargo.

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