California Overseas Shipping
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Kaliforniya Yurtdışı Kargo

California Overseas Cargo Service

The state of California is one of the states in the west of the USA. Sacramento in the state of California, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, San jose, Fresno, Long beach, Oakland are the state's major cities. The capital of the state of California, which has a more Czech city, is Sacremento. The province, which has a surface area of ​​424 thousand km, has a population of around 40 million. California, one of the most populous states, was adopted as its own flag in 1911. When it comes to the state of California, there are entertainment places such as Hollywood, Walk of Fame and Disneyland. There are also yosemite national park, eldorado, plumas, Sierra wildlife parks.

There are Fresno yosemite, Los Angeles, Oakland, Ontario, Palm springs, Sacremento, San Diego, San Francisco and Norman Y.mineta San jose international airports in the state of California. Thousands of people and cargo are transported to these airports daily. Cargoes coming from all over the world pass through these airports by being controlled. In international cargo transportation, if your cargo arrives in the state of California, the laws and transportation rules here will apply.

Kaliforniya Yurtdışı Kargo

With the developing technology and the globalizing world, international cargo transportation is carried out intensively. When sending cargo, the sender and the carrier have some obligations. The sender has to write the address of the destination and the information of the recipient while delivering the cargo to the international shipping company. The carrier company has a problem with its security until it delivers the cargo to the recipient. After the carrier company receives the cargo, it carefully packs it and loads it on air cargo. Once the cargo loaded into the aircraft cargo enters the state of California, it passes through security according to state laws. After the necessary checks are made, the cargo sets off to reach its recipient. By the way, you can also get your cargo from the airport if you want.

While the overseas cargo company provides international cargo service, it legally carries all kinds of goods. Every product you can think of, such as food products, textile products, construction materials, spare parts, electronic products, wood products, plastic products, medical devices and medicines, metal products, is transported to the state of California. Overseas cargo companies that even make dry ice shipments legally transport every product regardless of size and weight. Any product that is paid for and is not legally prohibited can be transported to any address in the state of California.

Kaliforniya Yurtdışı Kargo

As Fast Express, we make your shipments in our California international cargo service with and without charge. We transport in accordance with IATA rules for air cargo transfers. We deliver your cargo either from the airport or to your recipient's address. Our company, which provides international cargo transportation services to more than 200 countries all over the world, with the "Micro Export" (exit with ETGB) service, which is used extensively by our portfolio, with the authority to represent the transactions of shipments under 150kg and goods value 7500 €, Customs Consultancy Fee, bill of lading and does not charge warehouse fees.

Kaliforniya Yurtdışı Kargo

Our individual and corporate customers who want to get fast, economical and security cargo service to the state of California can contact us immediately. You can benefit from our unlimited and professional services that we provide, regardless of customer and cargo. Fast Express; We offer professional cargo services to you, our esteemed customers, with the principle of excellent service and quality service understanding in Overseas Cargo, document, package transportation and distribution to America.

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