Beijing Overseas Shipping

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Beijing Overseas Shipping

China is a developed far east country with a population of 1.5 billion. This country is the largest, most populous country in the world with an area of ​​10 million km2. China's capital is Beijing and its largest city is Shanghai. As the most important city in its country, Hong Kong is Asia's largest free market and port. Beijing is a major city in a global arena and one of the world's leading centers in the fields of culture, diplomacy, politics, trade, economy, education, science and technology. Beijing, a megacity, is China's second largest city after Shanghai in terms of urban population and is the country's cultural, educational, and political center. Beijing, which is visited by numerous companies in international cargo transportation, is always preferred by individuals and companies. Relations between China and Turkey became official in the 1970s with the two countries getting to know each other. In the 1980s, when both countries opened up to foreign markets, cooperation between countries accelerated. It gained the status of "Strategic Cooperation" in 2010 and has evolved since then. The trade volume exceeds approximately 30 billion dollars every year. Turkey is an important importer for China.

As transportation technologies developed in the world, the world is no longer a big place as before, on the contrary, it has become small. With air cargo, you can send single-page documents, valuable gifts in a box, and large and sensitive packages to all over the world. Air cargo is preferred by our company as it is safer and more advantageous. Turkey is the most practical way for your Turkey-China cargo compared to sea and land routes. Fast express, which follows the pioneering path in shipping to Beijing in the international arena, we ship in accordance with international IATA rules. Air cargo transportation in general is the most popular choice for international cargo transfers. Tens of thousands of tons of cargo are transported by air every day, due to its flexibility and affordability.

Fast express also provides services to those who want to send personally, which it offers to corporate companies. We ensure that thousands of products are sent to and from Beijing to all parts of the world, including timely delivery of export and import products, samples in the health sector, meeting and other business related documents. We also work with companies that operate in different sectors and import and export with other companies.

Beijing International Shipping Prices

Beijing, one of the largest cities in China, is the center of international cargo transportation in the international arena. We offer the best prices for your cargo from Beijing to anywhere in the world or to Beijing. It offers a cargo experience with the cheapest prices for your bulk shipments as well as single product shipment. We have partnerships with the world's leading airline companies. Thanks to our presence in international Chinese airports, we enable you to ship worldwide shipments at the most affordable prices to ensure a smooth flow to your parcel.

Please contact our company Fast Express to send small or large packages around the world at the most affordable prices. Our company takes your cargo packages from your door and provides international shipments with the most suitable costs.

What to Send Overseas Cargo Beijing?

Your import and export products, food products, Fair equipment and fair equipment, industrial materials, documents, printed products, company and office documents, furniture, home textiles, office goods, Clothing, clothing and textile products, cosmetic products, accessory parts, bijouterie products, accessories, book, magazines and notebooks, household appliances, car parts, plastic products, baby products, electronic products, document documents, candles, samples, computers, wallpapers and blinds products, glass metal containers, computer products and photocopy papers, construction decoration and building materials, medical devices equipment and materials, parcels, packages, sacks, boxes and so on. We send all shipments that comply with the transportation standards abroad by cargo. We also send gift items, personal and personal items at the most affordable prices.

Fast Express; With Overseas Cargo, we offer the best services to our esteemed customers with the principle of perfect service and quality service in document, package transportation and distribution to Beijing. Our company provides services to its customers with its expert staff in cargo tracking and express fast cargo transportation.

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