Overseas Fast Shipping

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Overseas Fast Shipping

FAST EXPRESS provides Professional and Safe Air Cargo Services to our Customers within the scope of Overseas Fast Cargo. Customer satisfaction is always kept in the forefront with our expert staff. Speed, reliability and economic solutions are our top priority in the air transport sector. For international cargo tracking, you can view it on our website www.fast-express.com . You can contact our customer service at 0090 212 5414410 and 0090 232425102-03-04-05.

With the rapidly developing technology in our world, international travel, transportation, communication and commercial activities are now getting easier and widespread. This convenience and rapid expansion creates the need for international cargo . With the supply-demand relationship, international cargo costs are also decreasing compared to previous years. In these shipments, besides the costs, the most important criterion is fast shipping. Individual international cargoes are generally; personal shipments, gifts, paperwork and documents are used for their own small e-commerce activities. Commercial overseas cargoes are used for export goods, products, machines, parts, sample materials, exhibition equipment, documents and e-commerce activities.

Shipping to All World Countries

Our approximate international fast shipping delivery times are; Average 1-2 working days for Europe after departure from Turkey, 2-3 working days for America, 3-4 for South America, 4-5 for Africa, 2-5 for Far East countries, 3 for document shipments to Russia and Ukraine. -4 working days. To reach our current product and service prices, you can quickly get information from our customer representatives from our phone numbers. Additional fees applied within the scope of the product are as follows. In international fast cargo service, an additional fee of 35 Euros is applied to the cargo transportation prices to Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, North Korea and Iran due to war, terrorism or social upheaval. Campaign discount is not applied to the related additional fee. Fast shipments that cannot be delivered to the recipient abroad or that the recipient does not accept will be returned with a fee. The return shipping cost of international fast shipping will be invoiced to the sender as a return fee. The standard weight per piece for the international fast cargo product is 70 kg and the standard size limit is 220 cm. An extra non-standard shipping fee is charged for shipments over this size and weight. International transportation operators reflect the changes in oil prices to the transportation costs as a fuel price difference.

International Cargo Service

The criteria we look at when you want to use fast shipping services abroad ; best, most affordable, fastest and most reliable. It makes you feel comfortable knowing that the goods, products or documents you want to ship abroad are transported in the safest and fastest way. In some cases, the cheapest cargo is preferred, in some cases Eg; If the document to be sent is important and needs to be delivered on time, it should be chosen as the fastest. If we make a generalization, the answer to the question of the fastest international cargo will lead you to the right destination and the right transport. The cheapest transport of your overseas cargo does not mean the best. It usually takes weeks for your shipments to be delivered to the country you want abroad, with the cheapest transportation at a very low cost. In order to avoid regrets as a result of problems arising in such time-related situations, it will be the healthiest decision to apply to Fast Express Cargo for your international fast cargo shipments.

International shipping is also the best; is the fastest, most reliable and most affordable international transport company. The answer to the fastest international cargo question is "Fast Express Cargo". It is the fastest in both the delivery/receiving phase of the shipment, international cargo shipment processes, international customs processes and safe transportation. Fast Express Cargo is in partnership with important companies that have a distribution network and safe transportation system in every region of the world and aims to be the fastest cargo company in international cargo services. Shipments you want to be shipped abroad; From the moment we receive it, it is protected in the most secure way and starts the transfer process. After going through the registration stage, it is processed in our tracking system. You can track your shipment with all its stages in this tracking system for the fastest international shipping. You can easily observe the stages in the fastest way until the time of delivery.

You can find out the international tracking number of the cargo you have placed on the Internet by calling our center and you can instantly access detailed information from the shipment tracking section of our website www.fast-express.com.
You can track your International Shipment online 24/7. A bill of lading image is created for the shipment you entered on the system. Our number starting with TR in this bill of lading image is the tracking number of your cargo. With this tracking number you have reached, you can check it from the shipment inquiry section on our website.
If you send cargo over certain amounts and regularly abroad, extra discounts can be made on the prices. For this, simply contact our company.
You can create your shipment step by step by logging in through the system or contacting us. It is not possible to send to Russia as the recipient person.
If you specify the delivery address of the product you bought as our company, we can send the incoming package to the address you want abroad. You just need to buy the product and contact us. Please contact our company to get information about customs procedures for products coming from abroad.
If you specify the delivery address of the product you bought as our company, we can send the incoming package to the address you want abroad. You just need to buy the product and contact us. Please contact our company to get information about customs procedures for products coming from abroad.